Post 60 UPDATE!

Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been doing to keep my hands busy.

I’ve still been working on my super secret PROJECT T. Information subject to declassification at a later date. In the mean time, I’ve been lucky enough to do a couple issues with Marvel Comics.

First I had the great pleasure to do an issue of Superior Foes of Spider-man #7.  Check out this sweet Doublepage Spreed from the issue.


More recently I was responsible for issue #18 of Savage Wolverine. Here’s a look at the ca-knucklehead himself.

Both of these comics are available right now from Comixology, or at your LCS.

I’ll update later with some upcoming appearances later.



Come see me this weekend at Rose City. I’ll be there awaiting your lovely faces and ready to draw your hearts desire. So long as your heart’s desire involves ninjas eating buttered toast. I will probably ask for money if you had anything else in mind.

See ya there!


Post 57 NAnaNAnaNAnaNAna BATMAN!!

Hey there Internet People!

If for some reason you haven’t checked out the new Batman 66 digital first series being put out by DC, you are missing something truly Wonderful.  In fact, Batman 66′ is  so wonderful that I was forced to stop what I was doing between pages to execute a tribute.  Jeff Parker is working magic recapturing the perfect tone of genuine fun and self aware camp that characterized the series. Jonathan Case is clearly having a fantastic time indulging the inner character actor inside all cartoonists. He also pulls off the annoying feat of making the charismatic and  impeccable quality of his work feel effortless.

Yes that is the Maltese Falcon.

This book is kicken’ ass in both print and digital release. Incidentally I recommend checking out both, because the boys over at comixology have worked with the team at DC to produce a truly unique and delightful experience.

Post 56 ECCC Table and PRE CON SKETCHES!

Howdy all,

The sharp eyed internet people will have noticed I’ve been making some subtle but WONDERFUL changes to my magical website.  I have updated  my galleries with some more wonderful work.

I am also happy to announce that I have  time in my schedule to Open up my Sketchcard Early for the Wonderful Emerald City Comicon in early march.  I am happy to say that, not only will I be tabling with many of the fine people at Periscope, but am once again included in this years Monsters and Dames as well!

My piece this year is inspired by the Memorial Digital first series Imaginary Fiends that I just wrapped up in January. It is currently being collected into a print release which will be in your LCS soon.

Pretty creepy right:)

SKETCH  INFO! As I said before I am available for pre-show con sketches and here is my pricing info for Pre-show Magic;

Single Character Inks and tone;

9×12 -50.00


+25 Dollars per extra character.

I have loads of examples of previous Commisions in my Commision Gallery, but here is a recent one i don’t think I’ve highlighted yet.

If you would like some wonderful art for yourself , just shoot me a line at Elliscomics(at)

See all you lovely people in Seattle soon!




Post 56 Rose City Comicon and Banner!

Hey there true believers!

I am going to be in attendance at Rose City Comicon this weekend of the 8th and 9th, I am at Booth A43 doing drawings all being there and stuff!  Please come by and tell me how awesome I am. I should be pretty easy to find cause I just got this new coolbeans Banner that has my name on it and everything. So just so you guys won’t have any trouble spotting me in the crowd I’m gonna give you guys a peek it.

What we have here is one of them there process thingies:)


The Pencils!

The INKS!The Final Colors!!!!!!!! Yay!

I should be sitting right in front of this 6 ft tall Behemoth all weekend. I hope to see you there!

Till next time True Believers,




Post 55 CBLDF Auction and Heroes Con Wrapup!

Holy Wow it has been too long!

Many things have kept me busy these past months. First and foremost I was finishing issues 4-6 of Memorial, (aka. The best new comic book known to man, lady, or talking cat), if you haven’t seen them now you know why you’ve been having that empty feeling in your chest. Have no fear! If you missed even a little bit of the initial run, I have it on good authority there is going to be a super sweet hardcover out in the near future to sate your appetites.  Until then you can enjoy this preview of the peice I did for the SDCC CBLDF art auction. Sadly I will not be making it down to “THE BIG SHOW” this year, but I wanted to do my part for the CBLDF. If you are going to make it to the show , you can find out more about the auction times HERE.

Speaking of shows, I just got back from my first Heroes Con. I had a wonderful weekend in Charlotte despite being really under the weather. Everyone was very friendly and the show had a very southern/laid-back energy that I really enjoyed. Once you combine all that with have access to a BOJANGLES IN THE CONVENTION HALL, I will definitely be returning. I did a number of commissions at the show I was happy with, but I had one small mix up.

This Thor vs the Hulk commission was done for a very nice serviceman that I was foolish enough not to get the name of before he left to enjoy the show on Saturday. He had intended  to swing back by before the end of the day, but we never reconnected. So… If you commissioned this piece from me, just shoot me an email and we will work out the logistics of getting it to you.

I’ll be back with more for you guys soon!




Post 54 Fantastic Four and Memorial Issue #3

Hey Everyone!

I took some time to do a Hero Initiative Cover for issue 600 of Fantastic Four. I thought I would share it with all of you. I also wanted to remind all of you to go out to your Local comic book shop and pick up Issue 3 of Memorial! Unless an epic battle between an army of living shadows fighting a bunch of blind kung fu monk librarians isn’t your thing… In which case you should totally avoid it… just sayin’.

I’ll see you all the next time I do something awesome. So hopefully soon:)

Post 53 Memorial#2 and Monsters & Dames!

Howdy Howdy Everybody,

Loads of work has been keeping me away from you for far too long, but I have managed to break away to share a preview of my piece in this years edition of  Monsters and Dames. I also wanted to let you all know that as of today you can go to your local comicbook shop and pick up  Issue #2  of Memorial ( The super great new comic that Chris Roberson and I are doing with IDW ).

Go and buy it.

Otherwise you won’t understand how awesome this illustration is at all.


Em Might be in a little trouble….

The original art for this illustration has the honor of being the first Memorial original art for sale. I have donated it to the charity art auction that takes place at ECCC!

Post 52 It’s ALIVE!

Hello all,

I’m back:) My long absence can be easily explained simply by the good news that I have been busy working on a NEW ONGOING SERIES FOR IDW over the past couple months! I am lucky enough to be working with the wonderfully talented and amazing Chris Roberson on the new Series Memorial.  The first issue will be shipping in December, but you can see a 11 page preview here (with beautiful colors courtesy of the lovely Grace Allison.), and printed in the back of most any IDW book printed in October!  I have been having a seriously fun time drawing this book and I can’t wait for you all to get a gander at it.

The new series has been keeping me quite busy, but it’s time I stopped shirking my personal responsibility and take steps to keep my adoring public satiated with visual content. To that end I present to you a cute drawing of Colossus and kitty.

Reunited and it feels so GOOOOOOOD!

More to follow … Scouts honor:)

Post 51 THOR AGAIN!!!

Hello Friends,

I would first like to assure you that my absence from the blog has only been due to excessive work on increasingly wonderful projects. That being said, this week we are blessed with the release of Thor, and I couldn’t let that pass without subject. Also Periscope’s Tumblr theme this week is Thor. So… Here is a whole bunch of art I have done recently to get you pumped up for the movie.


THOR&VALKYRIE with special guest NOVA



Check ya later fools:)